To dance is to love. 

"Love is movement. It is a willingness to move toward one another, with another, and be moved by that other as the path of our best becoming, connecting, healing, and earthing. It is this love for the earth in us and around us that our bodily movement creates in us when we dance.

Dancing, we know this power of life in ourselves. We know how vital it is for us to move in ways that align our power with the powers of which we are a part, in which we dwell, and by which we are sustained.

We are born to love as the enabling condition of our best bodily becoming. Dancing is the art, the action, and the practice that teaches us how. Dancing we learn to be the nature that creates through us, and to do so in ways that are responsive to the challenges we face in our personal, social, cultural, natural environments. In all realms dancing teaches us, as much as we can, to let others live as the engabling condition of our best bodily becoming.

Dancing is thus an ecological necessity." -Kimerer L. Lamothe, WHY WE DANCE