Full Circle Dance is a unique program dedicated to sharing the life-affirming and therapeutic aspects of dance with people of all ages.

We partner with healthcare and wellness organizations to provide innovative group dance experiences that enliven, uplift, and inspire.

Dance and movement provide relief in variety of settings: reducing isolation, enhancing creativity, and generating energy. Our high-quality programs build community, alleviate stress and promote wellness.


"It made me so happy, that that's all I talked about for the rest of the evening, and I danced again, and again, and again. Much better than physical therapy, much better than pain medication or visiting a doctor or being forced to do various exercises, this made me so happy. And when I saw everybody, with every sexual orientation, every religious orientation, every background, every ethnic group, in this huge circle, dancing together, it made me so thrilled. Why can't the world be like this?" -Evelyn, Full Circle Dance participant, Camp Isabella Freedman for Older Adults



Group Sessions

Strengthen coordination, balance, mobility and mental focus through gentle but invigorating movement. Dance to irresistible rhythms in community, reminisce, and experience a heightened sense of vitality and well-being. Sessions are typically 60 minutes, designed for individuals with a range of physical and cognitive abilities. Sensory props are often used to promote enhance physical expression and stimulate the imagination. 

Full Circle Dance classes can be done seated or standing, and no previous dance experience is necessary. It's not about learning the steps, or a certain style of dance, but about embracing the joy of movement, connecting with others, and being together in a creative and playful space. 

Participatory performances

We provide tailor-made dance experiences that engage seniors through participatory performance to reduce isolation, spark creative play, and increase joy. For inquiries, please contact

everything in the universe has a rhythm. everything dances. -maya angelou